Nearly 145,000 individual bankers in the UK, representing 95% of Chartered BankerProfessional Standards Board (CB:PSB) firms ‘in scope’ employees, have demonstrated their personal commitment to professional competence and conduct by achieving the Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers during 2016, according to figures published today by the CB:PSB in its fifth annual Progress Report 2017.

As well as detailing progress in implementing and monitoring professional standards, the Report also highlights that more firms are looking to build on their success and integrate professional qualifications.

Lady Susan Rice CBE, Chair of CB:PSB commented,

There is now the potential for a step change–to be able genuinely to call banking a profession, not because we want to talk about it in those terms, but because the hallmarks of professionalism are evident across the industry – a common Code of Conduct, Professional Standards, where gaining Professional Qualifications and being a proud member of a strong professional body is the norm for everyone.

As an industry, we have successfully laid the foundation through the CB:PSB’s professional standards. We now need to build a strong banking profession on this platform.” 

Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute added,

“The CB:PSB remains a unique, effective and proven force for enhancing and sustaining professionalism in banking. The Chartered Banker Code and the CB:PSB’s professional standards have become a sustainable foundation for banking professionalism since their emergence in 2011. Increasing numbers of individuals are now moving beyond Professional Standards to gain Professional Qualifications, giving them greater recognition of their achievements, and giving banks’ customers and clients the qualified, professional workforce they expect.”

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