Next Bank welcomes financial services players from across Europe to Barcelona to collaborate on the future of the industry

Next Bank Europe, the collaborative innovation conference that covers innovation, transformation and startup-driven disruption in financial services in Europe, announces an impressive speaker line-up and conference programme for the event, taking place on 18th-19th September in Barcelona.

NEXT BANK EUROPE For the first time, Next Bank Europe provides a stage that traditional players from banks, consultancies and technology vendors across Europe will share with alternative players such as startups, digital ecosystems and those from other industries, to explore how innovation and technology are transforming the industry. Attendees from across Europe will come together to create a new community of innovators in financial services, who will explore the real future of financial services and the big ideas that will change the industry.

With the help of the event’s advisory board of recognisedfintech experts, the agenda has been carefully curated and this year the theme is ‘Re-think and Connect’. Across the two day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to explore how financial institutions are re-thinking leadership, the business, the customer and, above all, the boundaries of the corporation. Together, they’ll delve into the democratisation of innovation and how technologies are generating power shifts that are shaking up the status quo in financial services.

Attendees will have the chance to connect with some of the best talent and ideas in Europe at the final of the BBVA Open Talent startup competition, taking place at the event.

Fermin Bueno, partner at finnovista, organisers of Next Bank Europe, said: “We are really excited to draw on the level of expertise and thinking power of the speakers at Next Bank Europe. These are people at the forefront of the tumultuous changes that the industry is undergoing and who understand that innovation is key to navigating this change.”

The notable list of experts who will address the Next Bank Europe audience throughout the event includes:

These are people who are really pushing innovation in the industry and who are truly passionate about transformation, technology and new ideas.

Ahead of the main event, Next Bank Europe is running two pre-conference workshops called Hacking Finance. The first of these, Hacking Finance Tech @ is a fintech hackathon for programmers, designers and business people to devise solutions for fields like retail banking, capital markets, payments and big data.  The second, Hacking Finance Biz @ with Claro Partners, is a business innovation workshop for the creation of new value propositions using the networked business model – where consumers deliver value to consumers and companies become enablers of this value exchange. More information about how to join these workshops, get creative and truly collaborate with fellow fintech innovators, here.

Next Bank Europe takes place at Valkiria Hub Space in the heart of Poblenou. Already a hub for creativity, the 22@ plan (the name for the Barcelona innovation district body) aims to convert Poblenou into the city’s technological and innovation district.

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